Plans have been in process for over two years for our family and a small group of YWAM staff to be sent out from the YWAM Tokyo base to pioneer a new base in Niseko, Japan. We are very excited to be making final plans to make this transition a reality. Our goal is to be fully moved and living in Niseko, Japan by January 2020.


Jan – June 2019

We are currently co-leading a secondary school at YWAM Tokyo called School of Worship and Transformation (SWAT). We finish up this school in May of 2019 and plan to travel back to the USA in June of 2019 to itinerate.


June – Nov 2019

We plan to first travel to our home states of Colorado and Alaska to reconnect with supporting churches and partners with hopes of branching out into new states and locations to build new partnerships and connections. We are actively reaching out to pastors, ministry leaders, and individuals who would like to invite us to speak and present our ministry. If you would like to schedule us to speak at your church please contact us.


Partnership Development

To make the transition to Niseko, we will need a significant increase in monthly support and financial partnerships. We are actively pursuing partners to help us plant this new YWAM base in this new location. We are so thankful for the existing partners who have helped us with one time gifts and long term support, and we welcome new partnerships with churches, missions organizations, and individuals. There are several specific financial needs necessary for us to move forward.

1- Increase Personal Monthly Support – $6,000 per month
The cost of living in Japan is one the highest in the world and with 4 small children, our family expenses to live here are significant. Now as we make this step of faith to move to a new city and pioneer a new base, it will require a significant increase of monthly financial support over our current support base. We are asking The Lord for many more friends to partner with us to make this pioneer venture possible. If you would like to partner with us and make a financial contribution please click here for more information.

2- Purchase or Lease Base Property – TBD
When we make the move to Niseko we will have our family of 6, plus 6 to 8 additional staff to find housing for. Our ultimate goal is to have a property and buildings for a fully functioning YWAM base with facilities adequate to house family, staff, students, plus classroom and meeting space. We are looking for partners willing to invest in real estate suitable to plant this new base and help us build toward our long term goals. At the very least we will need to rent a location suitable for housing our family and team initially until we can expand into better facilities.

3- Purchase a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle – $12,000 – $15,000
Niseko is a wintertime wonderland that receives large amounts of snowfall each year. We currently have a Toyota van which has worked great for our family but it is only 2 wheel drive. A 4wd van will be much safer and useful to move about the island of Hokkaido in winter months. Our hope is to find and purchase a good used 4wd van by the time we make the move north.


Nov 2019

Our goal is to move to Niseko and be settled into a home in November 2019. We hope to have a facility adequate to house our family of 6 plus the 6-8 staff who will be joining us.